Vakona MGH-20

Vakona MGH-20

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Parma, Italia

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DEMO MACHINE Meat, poultry and fish products are selectively vacuum processed in the rotating drum of the MGH-20. The machine works fully automatically after choosing a program. The cuts of meat are carefully processed and kneaded in the drum. The meat or fish becomes very tender under vacuum and the marinades, oils and seasonings penetrate directly into the center of the meat with consequent improvement in quality as regards taste and tenderness of the products. Thanks to the penetration of additives, weight loss is significantly reduced. • Vacuum or continuous interval • Computer with 36 programs • Manual adjustment


Numero di magazzinoZANGOLAMGH-20
dimensions500 x 330 x 500 mm
Total weight20 Kg
Drum volume20 liters
Filling quantityabout 10 Kg
Empty0.75 bar
Power100 W
Supply voltage230 V
Dimension500 x 330 x 500 mm
Connected load0,8 A
Vacuum0,75 bar