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The FormCook Combi-Cooker oven consists of a lower contact cooking area and a higher area of steam heating. The temperature in the heating areas can be adjusted separately. The hot air is heated electrically. The temperature in the hot oil plates in the lower heating areas can be adjusted for each secondary circuit. The oven has an extended power supply with two electric heating plates. The products are conveyed through the cooking zone onto a baking conveyor belt. The FormCook is equipped with a control panel for the management and control of the oven. The speed of the conveyor belt is adjustable.



- External dimensions (W x D x H): 7300 x 1610 x 2900 mm
- Electrical cabin (separate): 1800 x 400 x 1800 mm
- Preparation area ( L x W ): 910 x 5260 mm
- Cooking time: 12 sec - 1min 20 sec
- Heat plates - Thermal fluid: 260°C, 4x4 m3, 12 bar 120 kW
- Heating plates (electric): max. 260°C
- Hot air: electrically heated, max 280°C
- Installed electronics: 3x400 V 50 Hz, 161 A
- Air pressure: 6 bar, 12 l/min
- Hot water: 65°C, 40 bar, 7.8 l/min
- Steam pressure: Min 3 bar - 10Kg/Tim for valve, Max 3 bar - 140Kg/Tim for valve
- Capacity: depending on product
- Weight: about 7500 Kg
- Cooking belt length: 17350 mm